Metal Blade 7CD/DVD LOT Massacre dark funeral vader cannibal corpse bolt thrower

Metal Blade 7CD/DVD LOT Massacre dark funeral vader cannibal corpse bolt thrower

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7CD/DVD Lot of Metal Blade compilationsMost are brand new and sealed

1. Metal Massacre XIII - brand new and sealed

1     Cellador     Leaving All Behind    
2     The Black Dahlia Murder     Miasma    
3     Six Feet Under     Shadow Of The Reaper    
4     Torture Killer     Swarm!    
5     Demiricous     Vagrant Idol    
6     3      Alien Angel    
7     Bolt Thrower     The Killchain    
8     Into The Moat     Dead Before I Stray    
9     The Red Chord     Fixation On Plastics    
10     Fragments Of Unbecoming     Sterling Black Icon    
11     Paths Of Possession     Bleed The Meek    
12     The Absence     From Your Grave    
13     God Dethroned     Sigma Enigma    
14     Amon Amarth     The Pursuit Of Vikings    
15     Machinemade God     Kiss Me Now Kill Me Later    
16     The Ocean      One With The Ocean    
17     And The Hero Fails     His Imperial Victory    
18     Gaza     Cult    
19     End It All     Echo Of Cries

2. Metal Massacre XII - cd and inserts in good to very good condition

1     Paingod     Paingod     4:02
2     Crisis      Sweething     3:45
3     Pist•on     Exhume Her     4:14
4     Avernus     Godlessness     7:37
5     Ancient      Det Glemte Riket     6:56
6     Level      The Allknowing     5:12
7     Tipper Gor     Wolf     3:55
8     Gunga Din      Rain Dance     3:52
9     Divine Regale     Cry To Heaven     3:58
10     Pervis     #3     3:01
11     And Christ Wept     Anti (Coat Hanger Mix)     4:03
12     Amboog-A-Lard     The Wounded     4:52
13     Eulogy      Human Harvest     4:57
14     Overcast      Twodegreesbelow     4:48
15     Big Twin Din     Arizona Life     3:13

3. Uncorrupted Steel 2 - brand new and sealed

1     Six Feet Under     Amerika The Brutal    
2     The Black Dahlia Murder     Contagion    
3     Cattle Decapitation     Cloacula: The Anthropophagic Copromantik (Demo)    
4     As I Lay Dying     Forever    
5     The Heavils     Falling Apart    
6     DBX     Damn That Money    
7     Vehemence      Kill For God (Demo)    
8     Amon Amarth     Death In Fire    
9     God Dethroned     The Warcult    
10     40 Grit     No Giving In    
11     Beyond The Embrace     Bastard Screams    
12     Tourniquet     Restoring The Locust Years    
13     Cannibal Corpse     Born In A Casket (Live)    
14     Brainstorm      Doorway To Survive    
15     Dies Irae      Incarnation Of Evil    
16     Vader     Epitaph    
17     Engine      Losing Ground

4. Uncorrupted Steel - brand new and sealed

1     Bolt Thrower     7th Offensive     6:25
2     The Crown     Under The Whip     3:58
3     Bludgeon     Last Rite     2:44
4     Vehemence      Fantasy From Pain     6:06
5     Cattle Decapitation     The Regurgitation Of Corpses (Demo Version)     2:10
6     Beyond The Embrace     Against The Elements     4:31
7     Fleshcrawl     Soulskinner     3:49
8     Callenish Circle     Obey Me     5:16
9     Amon Amarth     Bastards Of A Lying Breed     5:33
10     Vader     Lord Of Desert     2:00
11     Life In A Burn Clinic     Iconoclastic Rage Disorder     3:03
12     Catastrophic      Pain Factor     1:59
13     Lamb Of God     O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E.     5:14
14     Falconer     Royal Gallery     4:17
15     Ancient      On Blackest Wings     3:16
16     The Fallen     Harbinger     6:26
17     Brainstorm      Shadowland     3:52
18     Cannibal Corpse     Hatchet To The Head     3:34

5. Metalmeister - cd and inserts in very good condition

1     Cannibal Corpse     Mummified In Barbed Wire     3:09
2     Galactic Cowboys     Psychotic Companion     7:32
3     Sacred Reich     Blue Suit, Brown Shirt     2:27
4     Mercyful Fate     Into The Unknown     6:33
5     Gwar     Meat Sandwich     3:28
6     Six Feet Under     The Enemy Inside     4:17
7     Skrew     She Said     5:04
8     Wardog     Scorched Earth     3:02
9     Immolation     Here In After     4:54
10     Crisis      Wretched     3:41
11     Desultory     Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow     4:48
12     Ancient      The Curse     4:47
13     United      Kill Yourself For Business     4:10
14     Decoryah     Fall-Dark Waters     7:16
15     Armored Saint     Creepy Feelings     4:47

6. Deathmeister - cd and inserts in good condition

1     Cannibal Corpse     I Will Kill You     2:49
2     Amon Amarth     Victorious March     7:55
3     God Dethroned     The Grand Grimoire     5:32
4     Ancient      The Draining     5:25
5     Dark Funeral     The Fire Eternal     3:54
6     The Everdawn     Territory Loss     3:15
7     Lord Belial     Lamia     4:54
8     Gates Of Ishtar     Trail Of Tears     4:37
9     Defleshed     Metallic Warlust     3:04
10     Hecate Enthroned     An Ode For A Hunted Wood     7:15
11     Midvinter     All Things To End Are Made     8:56
12     Mithotyn     Shadows Of The Past     7:30
13     Enthroned     Ha Shaitan     4:46
14     Ancient      Morte Al Potere    
15     Six Feet Under     Tomorrow's Victim (Live)     3:14

7. Metal Blade Video Sampler DVD (2004) - brand new and sealed

1     As I Lay Dying     Forever    
2     Unearth     The Great Dividers    
3     The Black Dahlia Murder     Funeral Thirst

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