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While we’re not experts on them, we have grown up around our grandfather’s coin collection and have developed a love for the hobby. Over his nearly forty-year career, he collected more than 850,000+ old coins from all across America. Although he was stationed here in Missouri for a portion of his life, he bought, sold, and traded coins in every city he traveled to. His collection is made up of a wide range of loose coins and mixed sets, containing many different types, denominations, metals, mintmarks and dates, none of which have ever been offered for sale before. While we have enjoyed these coins throughout the years, we no longer have the space to store them. Over the next several months, we will be selling ALL of our grandfather’s coins. We hope that they will bring as much joy to other collectors, as they once did for our family.



About this collection…..


This listing is for our grandfather’s foreign paper currency collection. As with the rest of his collection, we weren’t quite sure of the best way to liquidate the currency at first, but we decided to split up it into U.S. and foreign currency lots – so this sale contains only foreign currency from around the world (but you can find his United States paper money collection in our eBay store).

This foreign currency lot is truly one-of-a-kind. We’re just barely familiar with all of the U.S. currency our grandfather had, but even less familiar with the foreign currency as it never really came out of the vault – which is why all of the bills are fully uncirculated and have never released into circulation. All in all, there are well over 40,000 bills here from more than 85+ different countries and eras, some still being printed today and others that are now obsolete.

Moving forward, as with all of the other parts to our grandfather’s collection, we believe this has enormous potential to turn out key dates, misprints, errors and rare pieces of currency that have NEVER been offered to the general public ever before. Just by the looks of all of the unique bills from long ago that haven’t even been touched, it’s clear to see that there is major potential here! With no further to do…

We only have a limited number of these lots available (and once they’re gone – there won’t be anymore), so buy it now while you still can! There are a wide variety of bills here ranging from fractional currency, all the way through $5,000,000,000 notes (yes, five billion dollar notes – and yes, you’ll get one in every lot)! There’s more than $120,000 in face value alone, so the potential to find some incredibly rare bills here is truly endless! Unlike other sellers, we’re not going to provide you with a list of everything you might receive, but instead we decided to provide a list of everything that is GUARANTEED to be included with every purchase. Each and every lot will include ALL of the following:



·   A total of at least 25+ different pieces of Uncirculated Foreign Paper Currency

(You’ll receive at least 25 collectible pieces of world history! We guarantee these bills will be from at least TEN DIFFERENT countries so you can expect a variety of unique, uncirculated pieces here.)

·   At least 2+ BILLION Dollar Bills

(Super rare Zimbabwean currency! Not only are these bills a great conversation piece, but also they make a terrific investment as they still serve as legal tender today! These range in denomination from 1 Billion to 10 Billion, and you’ll get at least 2 of them!)

·   At least 3+ 100% Authentic Gemstones

(From diamonds and rubies to emeralds, opals and everything in between – every order comes with at least three that will be packaged separately from the coins for your convenience!)




As we said above, this currency collection consists of tens of thousands of bills that all need to be liquidated, so you’re bound to find all sorts of unique pieces of world history! If you have the time, patience and eyesight to sift through these lots and sell them piece-by-piece, we guarantee that you’ll be able to make some money re-selling these bills individually (or at least filling some slots in those old foreign currency albums – that’s for sure). Just as well, we’ll make sure every lot has at least TEN DIFFERENT denominations of bills and coins at the bare minimum! Even at that, if you’re not satisfied, you can always return your purchase for a refund…no questions asked!

We know everyone will love these lots, so we encourage you to give them a shot. To top it all off, these bills will come housed in a protective sleeve to ensure they remain uncirculated from the time they leave our doorstep to the time they are delivered to you, so even if you do nothing with these bills for a few years – they still make a terrific investment! We’re sure you’ll love them just as much as our grandpa once did. Since these lots are already individually pre-packaged in tamper-proof bags, we cannot guarantee specific dates of bills, nor can we guarantee specific mint marks, conditions, grades, values, and so on. However, once again, we can guarantee that if you’re not satisfied, you can always return for a refund – no questions asked! 


A little more about us…..


We’ve been on eBay since 2000, so with more than 16+ years of buying and selling, you can buy from us with confidence. We want you to be happy, too – so if there’s anything that we can do to make your experience with us a better one, please contact us and we would be forever grateful for the chance to do so. We’re never too far from the computer; so all emails will always be answered within 24 hours!



Our policies…..


-We ship within one business day of receiving your payment- 


-We provide tracking information through eBay once your order ships-


-We care about each and every customer-


-We strive for 100% satisfaction for every transaction-


-We cannot guarantee specific dates, mintmarks, conditions or values of currency because they are truly unsearched-

-We want to hear from you about what you find, so be sure to let us all know what you find when leaving feedback-