For Christmas I received some headphones from Bestbuy as a gift that were $159.99 (plus $13.20 tax) and I didn't really want them so I returned them at the store and they could only put the refund on a gift card because I didn't have the credit/debit card that was used to make the purchase originally.

This auction includes: 
  • BestBuy Gift Card with a balance of $173.19
  • The sleeve the gift card came in
  • The exchange receipt that says there is $173.19 on this card. 

Bid with confidence, I have 100% positive feedback on nearly 500 transactions. I have sold several gift cards every year after Christmas for many years and never had a problem. 


The sticker that hides the barcode of the card is not peeled off at this time, but I may peel it off before I ship it just to double check that the balance on the card is correct. I'm sure the balance is correct, but it doesn't hurt to double check before shipping just in case. Please tell me whether you want me to do this before I send it or not. 

I will send this card in a small packaged envelope and you will receive a tracking number. I'm not sure which shipping service I'll go with yet, please message me with any specific instructions you may have before purchasing ;)

Thanks for looking!